May 2, 2016

Mother's Day // Etsy Homemade Edition

I have a serious love for all things hand made and hand crafted, hand made makes for a unique and personal gifts. I'm lucky to be part of the best selling venue for hand made items. etsy
Today's gift guide is a collection of amazing finds from Etsy all for the Mothers!!
Enjoy and show these wonderful artists some love

April 28, 2016

Crabapple Route

We are always on a hunt for our next adventure. things we can do together outside. My son and I love trails and hiking. I did a internet search for wildflower hikes, getting ready for Summer. We won't see flowers here in the high country till June/July. However in my search I found something that peaked my interest "Crabapple Route" in Littleton, CO. This was a 20 minute drive from us, a neighborhood that was lined with blooming cherry blossom trees. I love the smell of these flowers, so sweet and fragrant. We spent a few hours, trail walking and enjoying the routes the city laid out for its citizens.

April 27, 2016

Mother's Day Giveaway / Hand Stamped Mother's Necklace

I love being a mother, its rewarding and allows me to feel bits and pieces of my childhood all over again. My favorite part about being a mother is the ability to show life to my son, to bring him to new experiences and watch his face light up with wonder and excitement.
Today I wanted to reward another mother/grandmother with this beautiful handstamped personalized necklace from my jewelry shop yourcharmedlife. Sterling silver disks with baby feet and a sweet message of "love you mom" on the other. A White pearl hangs on the side, all hung on a sterling silver 18" link chain.

This contest is open to USA citizens only
Easy entries via Rafflecopter, must complete actions I check entries!
I announce winners and contact them via email, you have 48 hours to respond and claim prize. If no response a new winner will be chosen.
Thank you all & have fun!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I offer many Mother's Day gifts in my shop, please go take a look.

April 19, 2016

Condo Renovations / Living area

The renovations continue in our small two bedroom condo, this time the living area was completed.
There were some new editions and changes after I took the main pictures.
Here is what I did:
The first I couldn't wait to do was take down those apartment looking sliding blinds from the patio door, this proved to be a little more tricky then you would think. Took some prying of hooks and quit a bit of tugging. Finally got them down and hung a long modern Silver rod and some beautiful Grey and sheer White panels. Now I can just slide them to the sides for light and darkening.
I accented the back wall a Grey color and then the dining area a Grey Teal color, all paints were Behr from Home Depot.
This place came with no ceiling fans, so had a electrician install a fan for air flow as well as he replaced all electrical sockets with new White ones and Silver chrome covers.
The dining room got new thick blinds

Caleb's way of helping me.

After the photos were taken, we got a new kitchen table and I reduced two bookcases to free up more space and modernize the area.
I only have one more thing to do with both spaces and that it to install new carpet, something higher line with a nice padding underneath. The carpet that came with this place was basic and cheap, with very worn padding under. Excited to get this part done end of this year

April 18, 2016

Winter Photos

At some point, Winter MUST move on and let Spring in. We have been getting some heavy snow fall for the month of April, yesterday Denver got around 17" in drift areas. Hard to believe, as most of my Facebook friends are in shorts and flip flops with planted gardens already. We are 1-2 months behind the rest of the states. With this said, I still enjoy the beauty of it all, we headed out for some pictures.